LPG’s core areas of expertise include government relations, federal and state lobbying, and business development. These capabilities are performed by a network of experts with decades of experience in the federal appropriations, authorization, legislative, and regulatory processes.

Every day Liberty Partners Group works on our clients’ behalf by interacting with Congress, Executive Branch agencies, and other regulatory government agencies. We help clients achieve their public affairs goals by employing a full spectrum of capabilities, including strategic planning, messaging, communications, and direct lobbying.

We specialize in lobbying:

  • Congress – We have experience reaching out to both the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.  Our strength is working with the Leadership offices, as well as Committee staff.
  • Cabinet Agencies - Liberty Partners Group is well positioned with political appointees and career department officials to ensure our clients’ interests are considered in the federal rulemaking process.
  • Regulatory Agencies – For years we have represented our clients’ interests before federal regulatory agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) among others.

Liberty Partners Group provides its clients with business relations services through its outreach to financial firms and DC-based research/reporting firms.  Clients often find a critical component of a company’s presence in Washington entails providing financial firms with a flow of balanced information that clarifies legislative and regulatory language.

Public relations is often a necessary component of effective government relations.  Liberty Partners Group has extensive experience in providing public relations and managing public relations firms for its clients.