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Our core areas of expertise include federal and state government relations, public affairs, and investor relations. We leverage these strengths in our comprehensive advocacy method – 3-P (Policy, Positioning and Pursuit) – in order to consistently deliver success.  Just as important, these capabilities are performed by a network of experts with decades of experience in federal and state appropriations, authorization, legislative, and regulatory processes.


We specialize in partnering with and advocating to:


  • Legislators – With broad experience in elected, appointed, and advocacy positions, our team works closely with leaders at all levels of federal and state government.

  • Executive Offices – We are well positioned with political appointees and senior career department officials to ensure our clients’ interests receive full and favorable consideration.

  • Regulatory Agencies – We deploy decades of collective experience in representing our clients’ interests before numerous federal and state regulatory agencies.



Public affairs is an integral component in building public and political support for our clients’ priorities. We have extensive experience in providing public affairs services and managing public relations firms for our clients, using a variety of strategies and tools, including earned and paid media, social and digital media, coordinated events, coalition building, and more.  Through the creative use of these strategies, we have been able to rebrand and advance our clients’ issues in a manner that has consistently enabled them to achieve their goals.


We provide clients with investor relations support through our outreach to financial, research, and reporting firms in Washington, D.C. and financial capitols across the U.S.  By integrating balanced information relating to how laws and regulations may affect the market, we are able to partner with our clients to deliver valuable  communication to the financial community about the nature and potential impact of government action.


Our 3-P strategic methodology is individually customized for our clients, from assessment to results.  This enables us to ensure that every aspect of our Policy, Positioning and Pursuit approach is tailored to match the unique circumstances of each of our clients, resulting in the efficient delivery of superior results. 

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