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Radiation Oncology Rates


Radiation oncologists faced a $3 billion cut in Medicare reimbursement that would have been unsustainable for many providers.  Our focus was to defeat the cut and achieve a much-needed period of stability for the sector.


3-P Strategy

We crafted and managed a comprehensive public affairs campaign featuring:

  • Policy:  Internal and commissioned analyses documenting site-of-service and patient impact; advocacy materials; and draft alternate language.

  • Positioning:  Targeted earned, social and paid media focusing on patient and community impact; and reporter briefings.

  • Pursuit:  Intensive lobbying and grassroots action; strong coalition of providers and patient advocates; site visits; and polling.



Since 2010, we have been able to avert up to $3 billion of destabilizing cuts to the sector.  A key victory in this regard, P.L. 114 – 115, the Patient Access and Medicare Protection Act, was critical to achieving a multi-year period of stability for the sector as more innovative and stable payment reforms are developed.

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