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Home Health Copayment



The President, Congress, and MedPAC called for re-imposition of a Medicare home health copayment.  Our goal was to defeat it and make it too radioactive for future use by turning the focus to the frail elderly it would harm.


3-P Strategy

We crafted and managed a comprehensive public affairs campaign featuring:

  • Policy: Commissioned analyses on the copayment’s impact; development of the SHHIPS program integrity alternative; and educational materials.

  • Positioning: Focus on HH beneficiaries’ age, poverty, race, disability, and rural residence; earned, social and paid media; and reporter briefings.

  • Pursuit: Fight Fraud First! coalition with leading advocates; grassroots and grasstops action; intensive lobbying; and polling in key states and districts.


After being annually proposed for many years, the home health copayment was dropped in favor of program integrity reform, as our coalition urged.

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