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Home Health Reimbursement


OMB posted a notice signaling a CMS regulation to deeply cut Medicare home health reimbursement.  Our goal was to eliminate the cut before the regulation was formally proposed in order to protect the delivery system from instability.

3-P Strategy

We crafted and managed a comprehensive public affairs campaign featuring:

  • Policy:  Internal and commissioned industry, demographic, and geographic impact analyses; and detailed backgrounders for allies and advocates.

  • Positioning:  Intensive earned, social and paid media, including FOX News’ Special Report with Bret Baier and Obama campaign-focused coverage.

  • Pursuit:  Launch of the Bring The Vote Home voter registration platform; aggressive outreach to key campaign officials; and intensive lobbying.



The draft regulation was pulled by OMB.  Five weeks later, CMS reissued it – without the Medicare home health reimbursement cut.

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