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Oncology Drug Coverage


Medical oncologists faced a deep (AWP-17%) cut to Medicare reimbursement sought by leading lawmakers.  Our objective was to defeat the cut and achieve enactment of balanced reform by presenting the human face of cancer care.

3-P Strategy

We crafted and managed a comprehensive public affairs campaign featuring:

  • Policy:  Internal and commissioned data and demographic analyses; detailed backgrounders for allies and advocates; and draft reform language.

  • Positioning:  “Cancer Care” terminology; personal stories and videos; earned, social and paid media; and Cancer Care Working Group briefings.

  • Pursuit:  Intensive grassroots and grasstops; broad-spectrum coalition; 3,000-person march on the Capitol; lobbying; polling; and a petition.



The AWP-17% cut was dropped and our balanced reform, providing for ASP+6% drug reimbursement and practice expense coverage, was enacted.

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